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 The abridged version of my fic list by word count.


A Delicate Matter PG-13, 34,741 words
Merlin is arrested for threatening the king's ward, the prince's life, and for practicing dark magic and enchantments. Morgana lurks behind the accusations. Arthur, Gwen, and Gaius are determined to help Merlin, albiet in an unconventional way.

Revised 3nd Edition (2016) for AO3.

Each Other PG-13, (haitus) 9263 words
AU; A glimpse into the lives of child!Merlin and child!Arthur. Boyhood adventures, confused emotions, and a powerful friendship. Magic users are scorned. Arthur wants Merlin to feel accepted.

The Garland Competition G, 1774 words
Tag to 4x06 "A Servant of Two Masters"; Inspired by Awkward Moments: When Arthur is told he has to judge a garland competition, he knows this will be one one of those days. But who has entered the contest and what have they made?
Revised 2nd Edition (2016) for AO3.

Hair On Fire G, 1150 words
Tag to 4x02 "The Darkest Hour, Part 2": With all their torch-swinging nonesense, it's a wonder none of the knights has been set on fire

Of Cabbages and Kings PG, 959 words
After a difficult winter, Arthur plans to lift the ban on magic gradually, starting with a bit of secret magic to help the crops along

A Lesson on Ornithology G895 words
Arthur's court has embraced an irritating new fashion


Peter Parker, Limb-Reattacher M, (haitus because grad school) 36,227 words
When Wade stumbles into Peter's apartment one night and dies on his floor, Peter knows he's in for a ride. Daredevil is also on the roof. Whaaat? /Peter teams up with Matt and Wade to fight the Hand and maybe falls in love along the way.

What's in that Forbidden Prison Tower? M, 3976 words
On the other side of the mountain, there is a prison tower. Peter can't stop thinking about it. Part 1 of Candlelight.

Steve Rogers and the Hunt for the Amazing Camera-Man M, (haitus) 3200+ words
Steve Rogers is used to being artistically photographed in high quality, but usually he knows where the camera is and who's behind it. Lately though, he's been all over the front page of a certain Daily Bugle with beautiful photos, but with articles less than complimentary and bordering on the illogical. And he can't spot the little shit taking his picture! He needs a plan.

Come Back to Me M, 2987 words
Peter anxiously waits for Wade to return home after a mission, but instead of Wade rushing straight into his arms and into their bed, Wade goes on a murderous rampage and seems to have forgotten the last few years of his life -- including his two year marriage to Peter.

The Whipping Boy M, 2735 words
Peter has been Harry's whipping boy for years. He never thought he could be anything else until a masked mercenary climbs through his window and tells him otherwise.

A Spider in the Window M, 2643 words
Peter works part-time as a window washer. He happens to be dangling outside a certain merc's new penthouse on a very hot, sweaty summer day.

Save the Date E, 2469 words 
It's been four years since Peter left Wade after a huge argument, and though Wade has tried to move on, he's angry and barely holding it together. Violence becomes his main outlet and he starts taking jobs again, but when he hits bottom, an unexpected chance to turn his life around might be within his grasp.

Say Yes M, 1659 words
So what if Peter proposed a couple times? He was drunk.
A Heartbeat Away T,
1353 words 
Wade seeks a way to end the pain when he loses Peter, but Peter isn't a quitter by any means.

Mad Libs with DP M, 1096 words
Wade and Peter do a mad lib on a rooftop.

In Summary G, 1054 words
Peter fills Tony in on his daily Spidering.

Wondering About You M, 1033 words
After his rescue, Wade finds himself in the care of Peter Parker. Part 2 of Candlelight.

Small Deeds M, 991 words
Tacos do make everything better. But greasy origami is also magical. Or, Wade and Peter have each other's backs, even if they don't realize it yet.

It's Not Over Yet T, 609 words
Tony gets blackout drunk in the aftermath of the Civil War, wakes up with a terrible hangover, and realizes he's been captured -- again. But it's not what it seems.


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